It has been proven over and over again that meditation is good for us. It reduces stress and helps to clear our heads. It can help to lower our blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, gives us more energy, and generally makes us happier people. Those who meditate also seem to have a greater sense of compassion. So, if meditation is so good for us, why is it hard to get most people to meditate?

Too hard and boring

     Many people believe that meditation is hard to do. They feel because they can not quiet their minds, they will not be able to meditate. Many others feel that it is a boring process. They believe that they are not able to sit quietly for a long period of time. People have this image of a group of people sitting on the floor with their legs cross and humming as being the only way to meditate, however, they could not be further from the truth.

Five minutes

     People tend to make meditating harder than what it actually is. Beginners or those who are constantly on the go can get the benefits of mediation in five shorts minutes a day. All that is needed is a place to sit comfortably and the willingness to open your mind and your heart. If nothing else, relax and focus on your breathing, In no time, you will feel less tension within your body, and you will be more relaxed than when you began your five-minute session. There are no tests at the end of the five minutes, and no one will judge you. The worst is going to happen is that you feel mentally and physically better.

For more, please see 5 minute meditation.


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