Why You should Do a 5 Minute Meditation Everyday

1If you are feeling stressed, irritated and finding yourself tired halfway through every day, there are things you can do to make yourself feel better.

One of them is a 5 minute meditation. Something that is guaranteed to not only increase your energy, but also reduce your stress levels.

What is a 5 minute meditation? — As it sounds, a 5 minute meditation is a 5 minute period every day where you relax, calm your mind, deep breath and just concentrate on nothing.

You can do a meditation like this lying down, sitting up or, in some cases, even standing. It does not matter where you are either, as you can do it at work or at home.

What does a 5 minute meditation do for your body? — A short meditation like this not only relaxes your body, it also relaxes your mind.

It rejuvenates your body, causing it to feel far less stress than just a few minutes before, and it calms your mind.

If you feel tired, a 5 minute meditation can make you feel wide awake again. If you have a headache, it can make it reduce or in some cases even go away completely.

It also gets rid of your stress to such a level you feel less irritated, and far more willing to work harder, play harder and have a better day.

How to do a 5 minute meditation? — There are several websites that offer help in how to do such a meditation. Or you could find and watch a YouTube video on the subject.

It is not something that is difficult to learn, however, as anyone from a child to an older adult can do it. Just follow the instructions, relax, calm your mind and aim to start feeling better.


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