Perfect Sunset

If you are interested in learning about meditation, you can follow some practices that will help you practice the meditating process. You can start your meditation process using various meditation practices. There are few short-term meditation practices that you can use.

First, there is body scan where you have to try and position yourself in the comfortable position so that you can meditate. You can sit down on the floor and put your legs straight or stand on the floor or flat place. Choose an area with which you are comfortable in it. Notice the points where your body is touching the ground or bed tune into it and know how it feels when in that position. Don’t judge things whether they are good or bad, only tune to the physical activity of the body. Move your upper body down slowly and reach the feet, and you will feel some sense of wholeness that grabs your attention.

Secondly, you can use an open mindfulness practice which can be performed anywhere and anytime. Follow the following instruction on open mindfulness for a 5-minute meditation. Find a comfortable sitting posture and relax your body, inhale the air for a few minutes and bring your attention to the part of the body you are feeling the breath. Explore the experience of the sounds you hear and in room and tune into them for few minutes. Be open to your thoughts and mind and theme to them as they arise.

Lastly, there is Metta meditation that is practiced mostly by Buddhists. Metta meditation involves opening your heart and wishing a good life for yourself and any other human being. You can practice it with your friend for 5 minutes. Tune into the wishes of your partner and your own after comfortably finding a good posture.

Find out more about 5 minute meditation.


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