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If you are interested in learning about meditation, you can follow some practices that will help you practice the meditating process. You can start your meditation process using various meditation practices. There are few short-term meditation practices that you can use.

First, there is body scan where you have to try and position yourself in the comfortable position so that you can meditate. You can sit down on the floor and put your legs straight or stand on the floor or flat place. Choose an area with which you are comfortable in it. Notice the points where your body is touching the ground or bed tune into it and know how it feels when in that position. Don’t judge things whether they are good or bad, only tune to the physical activity of the body. Move your upper body down slowly and reach the feet, and you will feel some sense of wholeness that grabs your attention.

Secondly, you can use an open mindfulness practice which can be performed anywhere and anytime. Follow the following instruction on open mindfulness for a 5-minute meditation. Find a comfortable sitting posture and relax your body, inhale the air for a few minutes and bring your attention to the part of the body you are feeling the breath. Explore the experience of the sounds you hear and in room and tune into them for few minutes. Be open to your thoughts and mind and theme to them as they arise.

Lastly, there is Metta meditation that is practiced mostly by Buddhists. Metta meditation involves opening your heart and wishing a good life for yourself and any other human being. You can practice it with your friend for 5 minutes. Tune into the wishes of your partner and your own after comfortably finding a good posture.

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A 5 Minute Meditation a Day could Improve your Life in Countless Ways

Image:If you find yourself struggling to get through the day, as you get stressed and feel like you cannot cope, there is a mechanism you can follow that could help improve your life in countless ways. A mechanism that only takes five minutes to do.

A five minute meditation — People who do just a 5 minute meditation every day report how much better they feel about themselves and their life in general.

Meditations relax your body, still your mind and tend to make you feel relaxed. As you do the meditation, you will feel yourself becoming less stressed. After five minutes, you can go back to what you were doing feeling more energized and ready to grab the world.

How can you learn how to do a meditation like this? — There are books you can buy that can teach you everything you need to know about meditation. There are also videos and CDs you can buy that will walk you through what you will need to do to meditate correctly. If you want the best results, that is.

YouTube videos — You will also find many videos on YouTube that teach beginners how to meditate. These videos are free to watch, you can watch a different one every day as you meditate, and you can even take video courses on meditation. All on YouTube whenever you feel like hitting ‘Play’.

Classes — There are also classes on how to meditate in many places in the world. So if you are the type that prefers to sit in a class to learn how to do something, rather than get on the Internet and look for information yourself, check your local community organizations or meditation studios to see what is currently available to you.

Learn the Art of Relaxation with a 5 Minute Meditation


Learn the Art of Relaxation with a 5 Minute Meditation

Meditation has been helping people relax for many centuries. Unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced world, many people have difficulty finding the time to stop and meditate. As an answer to the problem of finding time in a day, professional meditation masters created a time effective technique for relaxation known as the 5 minute meditation. This collection of short meditations is a great instructional tool for anyone interested in learning how to balance their mind, spirit and body. These are also guided meditations designed to help people focus their attention on specific areas such as breathing or mindfulness.

No Time Requirements

Unlike most of the activities people participate in, meditation does not have a specific amount of time required to be effective. The art of meditation is the ability to control one’s thoughts in a manner that relaxes the mind and body. The 5 minute meditation collection allows people to get in touch with their thought processes in a relatively short amount of time. Using these guided meditations on a regular basis helps train the mind how to access a state of calmness in any situation. Since each meditation is only 5 minutes long, they could be performed just about anywhere at anytime.

Convenient Online Access

The professionals behind the 5 minute meditation have also made it easy for anyone to access this information. Rather than having to participate in a regulated physical environment, this collection of meditations are available through several popular online sites including Google Play and iTunes. As with most types of guided meditation, these practices are set to music to help facilitate a sense of relaxation. The complete album has a total of 11 meditations, the longest of which runs for five minutes and twenty seconds. In addition to the complete album, people also have the option of purchasing each meditation separately.

Five Minute Meditation Info

1Meditation has tons of benefits for both the mind and the body such as reduced stress, muscle strain, increased focus abilities, and much more. But even though lots of people know how good mediation can be for the body not many people actually do it. When asked why most people say that they don’t have time thinking that meditation is something that takes years of practice, and hours every day in order to be able to do. While it is true that some people do that, and the meditation does take practice there are things that everyday people can do within five minutes that can make a huge impact on their health and the way they feel about themselves, and others. Five minute meditations are meant for people to be able to do them wherever they are in order for them to clear their mind, refocus the mind and the body in order to have better focus on the task at hand while remaining stress free.

For most people 5 minute mediation doesn’t require any teaching or assistants because it can look a bit different for everyone that does it. The five minute meditation can be whatever works for you it doesn’t have to be sitting and humming like in the movies as those aren’t all that realistic. In an office setting even one can simply take a step back from their desk, sit with their eyes closed and do a few minutes of deep breathing not letting anything distract them as they focus strictly on their breathing for the moment. After a few minutes of deep breathing and letting go of all the distractions for most people it truly is amazing how much better they feel, and much more focused they are to the point they can calmly continue their work.

Why You should Do a 5 Minute Meditation Everyday

1If you are feeling stressed, irritated and finding yourself tired halfway through every day, there are things you can do to make yourself feel better.

One of them is a 5 minute meditation. Something that is guaranteed to not only increase your energy, but also reduce your stress levels.

What is a 5 minute meditation? — As it sounds, a 5 minute meditation is a 5 minute period every day where you relax, calm your mind, deep breath and just concentrate on nothing.

You can do a meditation like this lying down, sitting up or, in some cases, even standing. It does not matter where you are either, as you can do it at work or at home.

What does a 5 minute meditation do for your body? — A short meditation like this not only relaxes your body, it also relaxes your mind.

It rejuvenates your body, causing it to feel far less stress than just a few minutes before, and it calms your mind.

If you feel tired, a 5 minute meditation can make you feel wide awake again. If you have a headache, it can make it reduce or in some cases even go away completely.

It also gets rid of your stress to such a level you feel less irritated, and far more willing to work harder, play harder and have a better day.

How to do a 5 minute meditation? — There are several websites that offer help in how to do such a meditation. Or you could find and watch a YouTube video on the subject.

It is not something that is difficult to learn, however, as anyone from a child to an older adult can do it. Just follow the instructions, relax, calm your mind and aim to start feeling better.

5 Minute Meditation

meditation 2018

     There are a lot of people that are looking for ways to improve their days, but the best way people can do this is through meditation. This definitely makes it easier for people that are trying to get a grip on how they can live a better life.

People that are interested in making the necessary adjustments to improve their lives will see that it is necessary to consider things like 5 minute meditation. This is going to be the right way for people to gain a better sense of clarity when it comes to getting along with their day.

Quick 5 Minutes

     The average person that thinks about meditation will assume that they really do not have the time to do it. This is what stops many people from being productive during the course of the day. They wake up to an alarm system and they are instantly frantic. They find themselves in a place where they are rushing to get out of the home in order to get to work.

Once they get to work they find themselves in the mist of a lot of different things. They will find themselves doing things that they really did not prepare to do. This is all because they have not taken the time to meditate. It is better for people to get in a quick 5 minutes of meditation then to start their day off in a very hectic way.

People that take the time to meditate will discover that there are so many possibilities that come with simply sitting come and gaining focus. A better sense of clarity can be gained when a person really takes the time to do the meditation that gets them to another level. This is definitely good for people that are on the go.

Why you Should Do a 5 Minute Meditation Every Day

If you constantly feel stressed, are always tired and never feel as though you can relax, then doing a 5 minute meditation every day could really help.

A 5 minute meditation not only relaxes your body, calms you down and makes you feel less stressed, but it has other amazing benefits as well.

Reducing stress — The first thing a 5 minute meditation will do, of course, is to help you reduce stress. While you concentrate on slowing down your breathing, your body will relax and you will almost immediately begin to feel stress free.

Do this type of meditation every day during your most stressful times, and you will start to see quite quickly how much less stressed you are throughout the rest of the day as well.

Helping you sleep — You probably would not think doing a 5 minute meditation every day would have an impact on your sleep, but it does.

A short meditation works to relax your body and mind so much, and get rid of stress too, when you do go to bed at the end of the day you will start to see how much less you are worrying. Worry and stress can cause insomnia. Free your body up to get rid of them, and it is amazing how positively it can impact your sleep.

Improves your health — Even a 5 minute meditation every day can have a hugely positive outcome on your health.

Stress causes all kinds of health-related issues, from insomnia to headaches, aches and pains to even heart problems and cancer. Meditating helps get rid of the stress and, thus, its negative impact on your health.

Why not try improving your health by doing a short meditation every day? You could be surprised at just how good you will start to feel.